G-Shock is a popular brand and this line of watches is manufactured by the famous Casio. It is designed to resist vibration and mechanical shock.  The full form of the G-Shock is Gravitational Shock.  These models are mainly designed for military, sports, and outdoor activities.  However, all G-shock models are either digital or available in a combination of digital and analog and come with a stopwatch features, electroluminescent backlight, countdown timer, and water resistance.

The line of casino watches includes atomic clock solar battery and synchronization.  The Baby-G at https://www.gwmstore.com/collections/baby-g is considered as a perfect 90s retro summer beauty. The beautiful and vibrant colors look amazing with a tan and it sure looks good on your wrist and definitely, you can wipe off your smile on the lips when you wear it.

The G-shock is a unique watch that every individual wants to have for them, but not to share with others. It is a big and thick watch that sits high on your wrist. Even though it is big in size, still it does not dominate making a proclamation grabbing people’s eyes.

You can find DW a standard model of G-Shocks, but GW G-Shocks come in automatic or tough solar or in both.  The basic models get updated twice in a year, whereas the limited models are frequently introduced throughout the year.  G-Shocks have become collectors’ item because of Swatch watches.

Casio company also develops collaboration models with famous fashion brands, such as Stussy, A Bathing Ape (Bape), KIKS TYO,  Xlarge, Levi’s, Nano Universe, Coca-Cola, Lifted Research Group, and Pulp68 Skateshop, Marlboro, and Lucky Strike.

G-Shock watches are famous among fire firefighters, mountaineers, paramedics, police officers, individuals working in the offshore, film directors, Astronauts, and soldiers.  The British SAS Soldier Mr. Andy McNab mentioned a quite a few times in his novels how the character Nick Stone depends on a G-Shock watch. Also, the DELTA operators Wore G-Shock tough watches during the 3 and 4 October 1993 fight said in Mark Bowden’s book called Blackhawk Down. In fact, since that combat, G-Shock watches have become very popular among SF (Special Forces) group in both America and NATO nation units.

The Baby-G joined the line of watches 21 years ago, and it is celebrating its 21st birthday, that is why the company thought it is the right to be fashioned in 90s rock music tradition.  The Casio Company continues to include new trends and features to G-Shock watches, including Multiband 6 time synchronization from radio signals starting from 6-transmission stations globally and Tough Solar Battery charging.

In the month of December in 2017, G-Shock was awarded the Guinness World Record as the big and heavy vehicle drive over a watch, a 24.97-ton truck drove over the Casino G-shock the model DW5600E-1 and it is the first watch company that has survived the Challenge.