Massage therapist giving back massageMassage has been the most trusted and natural form of treating body pain and anxiety for ages. Now-a-days doctors advise their patients to get massage as a form of therapy. There are many benefits of body massage which include establishing not only physical but also mental wellness. But, there are many different massage techniques that are applied for different types of body pain and beauty treatments.

These massage singapore techniques are the different ways in which the masseur applies pressure to your different pressure points. Each stroke and each rub is well calculated. There are many professional training centers that offer courses on massage techniques and certify the masseurs. Since some of these techniques, if done in an incorrect way, could lead to increased body pain special only professional trained therapists are preferred over amateur massage givers. Even if you are looking for a massage to just relax, you should look for a professional because there are specialized techniques that are crafted for making your body and mind relax.

There are a lot of different techniques that cater to different requirements, here are a few that will help you to understand how some of them work.

Swedish massage

This is one of the more popular forms of massage and is done with the purpose of relaxation and recovering from sore joints. This is also popular because the technique is comparatively simple. In a Swedish massage there are basically five strokes, they are done by using the fingers in a particular way and applying a measured pressure on the sore joints. The five basic strokes are;

  • Effleurage
  • Petrissage
  • Friction
  • Vibration
  • Tapotement

Sports massage

Sports massage as the name suggests is designed specifically for athletes. It adopts some of the techniques of Swedish massage but they are modified for the conditions that an athlete goes through. This massage is further divided into two types;


A pre-event sports massage is given before the match or sporting event begins. It prepares the sportsperson for the stress that the body is about to go through. It focuses on increasing blood circulation and warming up the muscles.


This massage treatment is provided after the event is over. It helps the athlete to relax and get relief from body pain.

Deep tissue massage

Unlike the Swedish massage that deals with only the first two tissues of the body, deep tissue massage penetrates the five layers of tissue and reaches the sore muscles. This massage is for people suffering from intense muscular pain. This form of massage will have;

  • Direct pressure
  • Slower movements
  • Usage of fingers, thumbs and elbows
  • Frictional movements


Rolfing is a technique that helps the body to get rid of pains caused by faulty body postures. If you are suffering from joint pain, back pain and headache then a ten day head to toe Rolfing massage program is what you need.

There are different massage techniques that deal with different body parts and muscles. Apart from the ones mentioned here there is also, hellerwork, neuromuscular massage, trager, aston patterning etc.