tantric massage singaporeTantric Massage & Sensual Massage is a very intimate massage form. This is generally conducted between lovers or very close friends. As the name suggests, it is an erotic form of massage which activates the entire body and its senses. Sometimes lovers use this kind of massage as a prelude to love making. This is an extremely creative process and is quite independent in its technique. It could vary from person to person and there can be a lot of improvisation in the techniques. The person involved in this massage uses essential natural oils and keeps the strokes light and sensual. The massage techniques could be changed and improvised based upon the reaction of the person receiving the massage.

Benefits of sensual massage

Sensual massage will help you to connect with your partner in a much better way. It will help you to get rid of your inhibitions and open up to your partner. This is a great way to re establish old relationships and also strengthen new relationships. This massage technique will also help you to understand your desires and boundaries. You will also be able to get rid of any fear or complex that you might have about yourself.

Preparation for a sensual massage

Create the atmosphere

Sensual massage requires a certain atmosphere for effective results. Create an atmosphere that is calm and romantic and is appreciated by both the partners. For the massage, you should use a massage table or bed or you could even do it on a blanket on the floor. Before you go ahead with the massage, confirm that your partner is completely comfortable to go through the entire massage process with you.

Maintain the connection

While getting a sensual massage you should always maintain a connection with your partner. Make sure there is eye contact and at no point is there any sense of awkwardness. Ensure that your partner is comfortable with and enjoying whatever you are doing. Try to read the signs and understand the necessities of your partner. Once you realise what pleases your partner, incorporate massage techniques accordingly.

Be creative

There are no set rules or techniques for a sensual massage. This is not done for releasing any form of pain but for the sole purpose of pleasure and energising the body. As you continue with the massage, you will learn about the wants and desires of your partner. Be as creative as you could get. You could also use props like feathers and fur along with your fingertips to provide your partner with a very sensual experience.

Precautions for a sensual massage

While a sensual massage gets you closer to your partner and provides with extreme pleasure, it could get awkward if you are not careful while performing the act. The most important thing to do is to talk to your partner and understand if there is anything that he or she does not like. Make sure that you do not do anything while performing Tantric Massage & Sensual Massage which will break your partner’s trust.